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July 28, 2012

Dialectical Materialism is a Marxist collective based in Prishtina, Kosovo. Its objective is to bring together Marxist philosophers and theoreticians, as well as scholars from other disciplines. Founded in 2011, Dialectical Materialism is a result of a number of crucial ideological breaks that have occurred in the Marxist intellectual scene of Kosovo. Rather than benevolent sympathisers, we embrace and address convinced Marxists. Dialectical Materialism is based on the principles of egalitarianism, and its aim is to promote the collaborative realization of theoretical research, publication of original and translated books, a journal, and academic conferences and talks.

In our view, Marxism as an interdisciplinary theory constitutes the comprehensive theoretical framework for analyzing social phenomena that are influenced or produced by the existing relations of production. Marx called for ‘a ruthless criticism of everything existing’ – this is what we stand for. The task of a Marxist philosopher or theoretician is to critically re-think the hitherto existing Marxist theoretical traditions, as well as the practices of the politics of emancipation. Henceforth, no tradition or orientation within Marxism will be prioritised or favoured. In this sense, Dialectical Materialism is a Marxist Forum.

Dialectical Materialism does not deal with practical-political questions of organisation, new political collectivities or revolutionary agents. This does not mean that Dialectical Materialism is an apolitical collective. Simply, we put theory first. In our supremely reactionary times, we believe that the most radical way of confronting the existing political, ideological and economic system cannot rely only on direct political action, but must also ask radical questions and provide analysis. To refer again to Marx’s formulation, we want to question everything that presents itself as ‘natural’.

The ultimate goal of Dialectical Materialism is to intervene philosophically and politically in politics in Kosovo so as to change the form and content of the ongoing intellectual debates in this country. Creating the conditions for intellectual emancipation is a sine qua non for the politics of emancipation. As Lenin put it, without revolutionary theory there can be no revolutionary movement.


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